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Frequently Asked Questions
Q:Is Vytasm® safe?
A:Vytasm® is carefully constructed with only the purest ingredients and is tested no less than 4 times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the safest most effective product. That being said, you should always check with your doctor when starting to take a new supplement.

Q:Does Vytasm® really work?
A:Vytasm® has helped thousands of people realize their body's fullest potentials at home, in the gym and in relationships. This doctor recommended supplement is changing lives every day. Yours can be the next.

Q:When should I take Vytasm®?
A:Vytasm® is most effective when taken each day. The all-natural products may take time to build up in your system for maximum effect.

Q:How long before I see results?
A:Each person is different. Because of this, initial results can vary from immediate to a week or more. Typical positive results are experienced within the first bottle (1 month).

Q:What if it doesn't work for me?
A:We are so positive you will be happy with Vytasm®, that we offer a full money back guarantee. Just return the unused portion for a full refund.

Q:Are dietary supplements regulated?
A:Yes, all dietary supplements are regulated by the FDA. The FDA has established a set of guidelines known as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's). These GMP's apply to all who manufacture, package, label, or hold dietary supplements to ensure the quality of the dietary supplement and to ensure that the dietary supplement is packaged and labeled as specified.

Q:What does a natural mean?
A:A natural product is a product that contains no synthetic ingredients and is free of genetically modified organisms.

Q:Do Vytasm® products contain heavy metals?
A:No, all Vytasm® products are tested no less than three times to ensure that there are no heavy metals in any of our products.

Q:Can the bottles that your supplements are packaged in be recycled?
A:Yes, our bottles are made out of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) which is the most recycled plastic there is.

Q:Does your product contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO's)?
A:No, our products are non-GMO meaning that our products are free from any Genetically Modified Organisms making our products all natural.

Q:If I cash in my rewards points, do I have to pay shipping on the order?
A:When using rewards points to get free product, your shipping is always free.

Q:How do I enter a coupon code?
A:When checking out at Step 5 (Payment Method) there will be an area where you can apply your coupon code. Once the code is entered click apply coupon. A window will appear that lets you know it has been applied successfully to your order.

Q:Do points expire?
A:Reward points never expire.

Q:Code didn't work?
A:Not problem just email us at info@vytasm.com and we will be happy to resolve the issue.

Q:Does it cost anything to become a member?
A:No, it does not cost anything to be a member and you have the potential option to get our newsletter and specials if you would like.

Q:How do I change my information?
A:Changing your information is simple. Just login to your account and on the left hand side you will see Edit Account Information.

Q:How do I redeem?
A:To redeem reward points login to your account. First, select the product you would like then go to checkout and in Step 5 (Payment Method) there will be an area that will show you your rewards points and you can apply points at that time.
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"You should change the name to the fountain of youth."  Dan, Tampa, FL

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